Mozzarella,a story of ancient flavours.

Every flavour has a story to tell, originating in one place and travelling to other, often distant, locations to speak for itself. Bianco Taste tells the story of an excellent fresh cheese: buffalo mozzarella.

storyof mozzarella

Mozzarella originated in the Campania region of Italy in the 12th Century. After preparing the fresh curd, monks would break off pieces with their hands to offer to the pilgrims visiting the monastery: the Italian word mozzare means to break off, so the cheese came to be known as mozzarella.

we continueits story

We produce the mozzarella fresh each day and we serve it seasoned or prepared in traditional Italian dishes. We love mozzarella and we have decided to transform our passion into an exciting project: to bring the tradition of genuine Italian mozzarella to the world through our Bianco Taste stores.