BiancoTaste, the home of real Italian mozzarella

An informal environment, where choosing is an adventure and tasting is an experience. A slow food served fast: our genuine mozzarella is both artisanal and practical. In its various combinations mozzarella is great for lunch, as a snack or to take home for dinner.

A Bianco Taste store is easily recognisable, it’s soft tones, décor and atmosphere recall the scents and flavours of an age-old traditional flavour: a special place that is the ideal location to treat yourself to a timeless delicacy.


Bianco Taste mozzarella goes well with everything, even art
Together with the goodness of mozzarella we have added the beauty of the Vietri ceramics. Vietri, a town on the Amalfi coast, is famous for its ceramic products that are made in the small workshops of the town’s artisans and exported around the world. Vietri’s crockery, tiles and mosaics in vivid colours decorate Naples most beautiful houses. (FOTO MASSIMINO)
Our store is proud to offer some typical Vietri styles in a tribute to a great artistic tradition, the geometrical shapes and designs are inspired by the yellow colours of the citrus fruits and the blue tones of the Mediterranean sea.

An exclusivebowl to take away with our gift pack.

At the BIANCO TASTE stores, together with the mozzarella, you can purchase an exclusive traditional mozzarella bowl made by the artisans of Vietri. This fantastic gift idea combines the art of ceramics with the best of Italian gastronomy: a delicacy to serve at the table in its own stunning ‘porta mozzarella’ in accordance with the tradition.